About Us

Hassa Mimarlık

Named after Hassa School of Architects, the central architectural organization of the Ottoman Empire, Hassa Architecture was founded in Istanbul in 1983 by MArch. Muharrem Hilmi Şenalp to offer services in fields of architecture, engineering, urban planning, construction, and restoration.

By implementing projects at different locations in Turkey and around the world, it’s our mission to reproduce under today’s conditions the uncorrupted Turkish-Islamic tradition from the pre-westernization period. Making use of modern technology,  we aim at reflecting onto new buildings the mentality of the tradition, its spiritual roots, the logic of its production technology, and the percipience and elegance in its approach to things.

Investing in and nurturing human potential in all architectural practices of its, Hassa aspires to act as a bridge between future generations and the tradition which we have inherited and made ours.

As for Hassa Architecture’s core values; we take each project very seriously, and insist on doing what needs to be done, always choosing quality over cost; we set great store on relation, harmony and proportion at all levels from urban planning to minute details of a building; and we take care to perform each work in a genuine fashion with stylistic integrity down to the smallest detail.